PINK! BCA Music Event

Paris - Monday 3 October 2022 - 18:00 H CEST


Six 3DX Chat (DJ) Groups: 

GreenPower - JuiCe - Power Station - TMF Events - Velvet DJ Group - Xanadu Group

Six 3DX Chat Dance Teams:

The Brangers - Devil Dancers - GreenPower Velvet Dancers - The Sunshine Girls - 
TMF Dancers - Ziba Xanadu Dancers

 Our only and common goal:
To contribute to breast cancer awareness. (BCA). 

That is why all these groups are joining hands on this day to draw attention to much-needed worldwide research into breast cancer. 
And to reflect on everyone who lives in her daily reality with breast cancer. 

We ask you, if possible, to support one of these organizations, or any another organisation that conduct research into breast cancer or support patients in their daily lives with a financial contribution.

We meet In Paris - Monday 3 October 2022 - 18:00 H CEST

Thank you for your support!

Your Team PINK!
Aurras - Carla - Paulina - Pupurina - RitaJean - Silvie

Prevention Is Your Answer
We are strong together 

Another BCA Initiatives in 3DX Chat

Genesis 3DX

 We would like to thank all the groups in 3DX chat for their support for the PINK! Event: 

Power Station
The Music Factory
Velvet DJ Group
Xanadu Groups

Also Supported by:

Red Baron Society
Genesis 3DX